The Voyage To The Surface

by faux

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forced departures,
but also arrivals.
chasing a surface,
which divides two spaces
-one known, one unknown-
directed in a voyage.

but bonds overcome borders.


released February 16, 2017

created for murs,
completed for anas





gathering sounds, forcing them on vicious contacts with one another, even though they never asked for it.
the meeting space gets unlocked with an-audible key. which is constantly mutating. just as the space behind it.
the recklessly perceived author, existed never. he was once a shepherd of some sounds. although they never asked for it.
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Track Name: The voyage to the surface pt.2
forced to depart.
forced to arrive.
chasing a surface which divides the known from the unknown.
mixed in a voyage where bonds
demand and achieve the destruct of the borders.

but nothing can make a better weapon,
than the bond of an arrival.
the sad luck of a departure.
and some accidental events,
chainly directing a voyage which should not be stopped.
Track Name: The voyage to the surface pt.3
they say departing is not a reason to forget,
they say when you are close to someone there is no distance left.
although the everyday contact will be lost.
although the habits that commonly occur, will just not.
although the nights dancing freely until dawn,
will be memories and dreams and although even worst,
when the happiness and sadness,
and the questions for the world,
will be heavier to handle, cause a shoulder can't be bought.
Track Name: Auto Out O' (Y)
moments, relationships, situations,
all squeezed in a box.

but no need for order

whatever you find inside you’ll be happy,
or feel sad.

the walls that wrapped the moments,
are still yours,
but from now on part of the pile.

disorder grows more,
but you’ve got more to fumble,
though the pile is concrete now, and it hasn’t stopped being filled.

forever is as impossible as never.

and if you are sorry that something’s ended,
be happy that it had once began,
because now you’ve got it on the pile.

time really heals,
and memories stay still,
to filter the new ones that will come.